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Ashley, 35 years old

I am a very friendly person. But it is open only to those who have entered the circle of my trust. I am seeking an easy-going, fun guy who is looking for interesting dating.

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Caroline, 38 years old

I enjoy playing sports, reading, and road trips. ... I love outdoor activities, nature. I want to find a man with I can share my interesting life, who will be my soul mate.

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Eliana, 41 years old

Sociable (if communication is interesting to me), open (for those who have entered the circle of my trust), simple (like a bag of potatoes), kind (but I do not advise you to abuse it), I do not smoke, I like outdoor activities, nature in and spend time with friends

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Anna, 39 years old

My name is Anna. I am beautiful and kind. I am interested in many things, an easy-going person ... I like to ride a bike if you love football or fishing that's great! We can talk about it!

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Maya, 37 years old

I prefer to share the interests of my partner. I like it when a man loves and knows how to cook. I'm a pretty straightforward person. I don't want time for empty and insincere conversations

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